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Fire Opal Sunray Necklace

  • $65.00

Fire Opal beams with passionate and confident energy. It can help you tap into your personal power, helping you to find joy in every day life and the confidence to let your true self shine. Fire Opal can help you find the willpower and determination to go after your dreams. Opal aids with connecting one to the spiritual realm, opening the third eye to channeling, spiritual wisdom, and spiritual communication. Fire Opal is a symbol of hope, change, and growth. This crystal, when properly programmed, can help in manifesting your dreams. Upon many other benefits, fire opal can also be used in healing all chakras and realigning you with your true purpose in this life. 

This necklace is handmade with 14/20 gold filled wire, ethically sourced 1.5" fire opal pendant from Mexico, and a 20" gold filled chain.