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  • The crystal chooses you

  • Ethically sourced, woman owned

  • Inspire Collection 2/25/24


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  1. Polychrome Jasper Palmstone
    Sold Out
  2. Shroom Ruby Zoisite Necklace Set
    Sold Out
  3. Jasper Shroom Necklace
    Sold Out
  4. Jade Serpent Necklace Set
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  5. African Turquoise Bracelet
  6. Azurite and Malachite Chunk
  7. Unakite Quartz Bracelet
  8. Green Opal Compassion Necklace
  9. Onyx Tower
  10. Moss Agate Tower
  11. Warrior Labradorite Necklace
  12. Torus Mandala Chrysocolla Necklace Set
  13. Lotus Peridot Necklace Set
  14. Seraphinite Amulet
  15. Raw Emeralds In Matrix