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  1. Quartz Balance Necklace
  2. Ammolite Duality Necklace
  3. Fire Opal Sunray Necklace
  4. Sunstone Tumble
  5. Amber Ombre Bracelet
  6. Yellow Sapphire Bracelet
  7. Sunstone Sphere
  8. Onyx Sphere
  9. Raw Pyrite
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  10. Orange Calcite Mini Shroom
  11. Clear Quartz Palmstone
  12. Dendritic Opal Heart
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  13. Serpent Ring
  14. Polychrome Jasper Palmstone
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  15. Carnelian Ring
  16. Clear Quartz Ring
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Sacral Plexus Chakra

Our Sacral Plexus Chakra is located at the lower abdomen. This energy center is associated with our creativity, motivation, sexuality, and inspiration. Our Sacral Chakra governs our pleasure, passion, emotions, relationships, and sense of adventure. The color associated with this chakra is orange, the frequency is 480 Hz, and is called the Svadhisthana in Hindu Tantrism.