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Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is related to communication and sound. From how we express thoughts, feelings, and ideas, to our ability to communicate with higher dimensional beings. It is located where a males adams apple should be. This chakra also represents truth, honor, and social skills. The color of this chakra is blue, the frequency is 672 Hz, and it is traditionally called the Vishuddha.

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  1. Angelite Calmness Bracelet
  2. Labradorite Fairy Necklace
  3. Warrior Labradorite Necklace
  4. Blue Labradorite Necklace
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  5. Blue Lace Agate Flow Necklace
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  6. Blue Calcite and Quartz Cluster
  7. Sodalite Tower
  8. Yellow Fluorite Towers
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  9. Orca Agate Palmstones
  10. Lapis Lazuli Heart
  11. Angelite Palmstones
  12. Torus Mandala Chrysocolla Necklace Set
  13. Trinity Knot Iolite Necklace Set
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  14. Flower of Life Labradorite Necklace Set
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  15. Clear Quartz Palmstone
  16. Blue Apatite Faceted Bracelet
  17. Serpent Ring
  18. Azurite and Malachite Chunk
  19. Aquamarine Grade AAA Studs 3mm
  20. Aquamarine Chip Bracelet
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  21. AAA Grade Clear Quartz Towers