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Heart Chakra

Our Heart Chakra is, you guessed it, located in the center of our chests. This chakra is aligned with our compassion, empathy, love, and forgiveness. It holds the power of universal love. Its color frequency is green, frequency is 594 Hz, and it is called the Anahata in Hindu tantrism.

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  1. Moonstone Ring
  2. Moss Agate Tumble
  3. Serpentine Tumble
  4. Peach Moonstone Cocktail Ring
  5. Flower Agate & Smokey Quartz Bracelet
  6. Garnierite & Iolite Bracelet
  7. Magma Chalcedony Empress Necklace
  8. Purple Labradorite Necklace
  9. Unakite Quartz Bracelet
  10. Onyx Tower
  11. Rose Quartz Weenie
  12. Blue Jade Forest Necklace
  13. Green Opal Compassion Necklace
  14. Cherry Tourmaline and Smokey Quartz Bracelet
  15. Lithium Quartz Natural Point
  16. Pink Calcite Freeforms
  17. Blue Rose Quartz Tower
  18. Pearl Heart Locket Necklace Set
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  19. Jade Serpent Necklace Set
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  20. African Turquoise Bracelet
  21. Shroom Ruby Zoisite Necklace Set
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  22. Torus Mandala Chrysocolla Necklace Set
  23. Lotus Peridot Necklace Set
  24. Flower Agate Tower