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  • The Crystal Chooses You

  • Ethically sourced, woman owned

  • NEW: Inspire Collection

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  1. Crystal Bottle Cork
  2. Amethyst Point
    Sold Out
  3. Canadian Meteoritic Amethyst
  4. Amethyst Band Ring
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  5. Polychrome Jasper Palmstone
  6. Meteoritic Amethyst Necklace
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  7. Garnierite & Iolite Bracelet
  8. Blue Rose Quartz Tower
  9. Blue Moon Stone Tower
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  10. Lilac Jade Pearls
  11. Ocean Jasper Tower
  12. Ocean Jasper Flame
  13. Cherry Tourmaline and Smokey Quartz Bracelet
  14. Phosphosiderite Necklace
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  15. Jasper Slab