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Azurite and Malachite Chunk

  • $15.00

Azurite Malachite radiates with the energy of enlightenment, cleansing, and amplification. Azurite is a crystal that stimulates the third eye chakra, tuning the user into their intuition and psychic abilities. Azurite can aid one in channeling or spiritual communication, or getting into a deep meditative state. Azurite helps one to open their mind, and can kickstart a spiritual journey. Azurite expands ones realm of thinking and opens them to all possibilities. Malachite is a powerful amplifier and healer. Malachite is an important protection stone and can help to activate and clear the chakras. Malachite should be used sensitively, as it amplifies both positive and negative energies and should be cleansed often. Malachite is deeply connected with the vibration of the earth and can help to ground your energy while raising your vibration. This powerful combination of crystals can help you to find spiritual purpose and enlightenment, and be used as a spiritual tool for many energetic blockages.

1: 3.4 oz

2: 5.6 oz

3: 3 oz

4: 8.2 oz

5: 12.5 oz

6: 5.3 oz