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How To Open Your Third Eye

How To Open Your Third Eye

Opening your third eye is fundamental to a spiritual awakening. The first step in opening your third eye is most likely already done, and that is realizing that there is more to reality and to you than just this physical world. 

What is your third eye? Sometimes referred to as the 'seat of the soul' the physical manifestation of your third eye is your pineal gland. It is called the third eye because the pineal gland has the same light sensing organs that your eyes do. Spiritually, your third eye is an energy center that connects your physical body to your energy body. The third eye represents wisdom, higher consciousness, personal and spiritual growth, and enlightenment. Opening your third eye is a process, but the good news is there are many things you can practice to open this  new level of consciousness. 

One of the most beneficial ways to open your third eye is meditation. Meditation is achieving a quieted state of mind where you are able to separate from your physical body and thoughts (see blog post on meditation). Meditating specifically opens your third eye to higher ways of thinking, wisdom, and spiritual health. 

As within so without. This statement is so true when it comes to opening your third eye. What you put into your body influences the energy systems in and around your body. With that said, eating alkaline or healthier foods can decalcify your pineal gland significantly. Diet and spirituality are intimately connected, so this topic will have to wait for another blog post. The main idea is that if you only feed your body fast food, your energy will reflect that. If you fill your body with fresh and ethical foods, your energy systems will also reflect that and you will see the spiritual benefits for yourself. 

This technique is not talked about often enough. Have you ever heard of sungazing? Sungazing is an ancient Egyptian technique depicted in many texts and temple drawings where one stares directly into the sun. I know, you aren't supposed to look directly into the sun! That is why this practice can only be done at sunset and sunrise. Staring into the sun at these times will open and activate your third eye. If you aren't quite convinced, I recommend trying this technique for yourselves over a few days. 

Finally, my favorite and the one that works the best for me personally. CRYSTALS! Crystals are so unique for many reasons, one of them being their ability to attract and repel vibrations and energies. Crystals like Amethyst, Selenite, and Labradorite connect to high vibrations that stimulate your third eye chakra. Meditating and setting intentions for your crystals are the best ways to make their energies work for you. As many of you have seen already, the healing and attracting power of crystals is amazing. 

Spirit Ladies and Men, I wish you all the best of luck on your spiritual and healing journeys. Let me know if these techniques are helpful, or if you have others that you recommend. Energy work is a process and can only be judged by personal experience, so even if you are skeptical, I recommend trying some of these habits, nothing bad could come from it either way. Love & Light.