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Duality and Balance

Duality and Balance

Duality. Yin and Yang, sun and moon, masculine and feminine. What is Duality and why is it important? 

I've wondered this and have been meditating on this question for the past few months, infusing those intentions and ideas into the Duality Collection. Duality is the concept of twoness, one whole having two sides or halves. At first I struggled with this concept. Does this mean that to have peace we have to have unrest? That we can never have the utopia world that the optimist in me hopes is possible? One of the 7 Hermetic principles is the law of polarity, that everything must have an equal opposite. This goes with the ancient quote, a favorite of mine "As above, so below". Duality allows us to appreciate life. I've began to notice the dualistic nature of literally everything as it's been on the forefront of my mind. There's duality in the fungi that sprout around a tree that has died; death creating life. There's duality in our expression of ourselves, we can be completely carefree and confident one day and then burdened with worry and insecurity the next. So I've wondered, is there a perfect balance between two opposing energies that we're supposed to find? Or are we supposed to be constantly swinging between dualities like a pendulum? I think a little bit of both. If we were constantly in balance and harmony, we would never grow or learn to appreciate the opposing perspective of things. But for example if we are constantly existing in the feminine energy of creativity, flow, and wanderlust, we might find that we need the balance of logic, organization, and action that masculine energy provides. We crave the hot summers in the cold winter, but once the hot summer comes, we would do anything to feel a cold breeze. We must have these opposing experiences to become well rounded and form our individual perceptions. Twoness is necessary and when it is appreciated I think it makes life that much more beautiful. Single minded thinking can only take you so far. If we can come to understand and appreciate the duality within ourselves we can open our minds and know that even when we inevitably fall off balance one way or the other, it is all a part of finding the balance that works for us.

Let the pieces in this collection be a tool for you in your journey to finding inner peace, balance, and harmony. And be a reminder that Duality is necessary and a beautiful part of life to be appreciated and explored.