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The Healing Power of Crystals

The Healing Power of Crystals

If you're here, you're most likely interested in learning about and using crystal healing in your life. But you might be wondering how this works? How do we know that crystals have healing power? Well, long ago our ancestors had an intricate knowledge of the power crystals hold. Ancient tombs have been found to have countless crystals. The Bible mentions crystals over 200 times. Although crystal healing has becoming more mainstream in recent decades, it is a practice that has been around for centuries. 

Like everything in our world, crystals have an electromagnetic frequency. These different frequencies tune in to your own electromagnetic field and can be used to balance and align energies. This is why crystals are used in chakra healing and can even be used to heal physical health problems. The color and structure of each crystal are what determine what kind of energy it holds and how energies flow through it. By using the unseen energy waves of our thoughts, we can set intentions to flow into our crystals' electromagnetic field and program their frequencies to help us in whatever way we need. People all over the world including myself have used crystals to heal emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually what other treatments couldn't. 

Because crystals are actively absorbing and dispersing energy, it is so important that you cleanse them when necessary and charge them with your own specific intentions to get the best out of your healing crystals. If your crystals sit on a shelf  and you don't work with them, their energy will be more subtle.  Crystals are simply a tool to guide, balance, and teach us how to take control of our realities. Also, the more you interact with them, the stronger your bond becomes with their energy and the easier it becomes to use crystals for self healing. That is why jewelry is a great way to both connect with and use crystal power in your life.

One way to use your crystals is to hold them over or on points on your body, usually corresponding with whatever chakra the crystal resonates with, and allow yourself to tune in with the subtle energy. Use your intuition and tune in with the crystal, allow yourself to be guided with what feels right. I like to hold them in my palm, over my heart, or over my third eye for example. Allow yourself to accept the healing frequencies, and maybe meditate for a bit, relaxed and tuned in with your energy.