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Orca Agate Palmstones

  • $24.00

Orca Agate is known as a crystal of healing and forgiveness. It brings deep emotional healing, self forgiveness, and inner peace. Orca Agate gives off cooling and calming energy to help one think clearly. Orca agate aids with grounding oneself and balancing emotions. This crystal frees the user from self loathing or blame so they can shift their focus to the positive. Orca agate helps with trust and communication, helping one to form closer and healthier relationships. Orca Agate is a crystal for transformation, helping to support you during shifts or changes in life. 

These Orca Agate palmstones from Madagascar are about 2-2.5" in length, and 4-5 oz.

Option 1: far left Option 2: center left Option 3: center right Option 4: far right