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Torus Mandala Chrysocolla Necklace Set

  • €51,95

This one of a kind necklace set is made with Chrysocolla, a crystal deeply connected with the earth, and a mandala charm representing the energy force that surrounds all life on our planet. Chrysocolla is known for its tranquil, healing, and grounded energy. It is used by Native Americans to strengthen immunity. Chrysocolla has beautiful blue and green tones that resonate with the heart and throat chakras. This crystal can help one open their heart to others, bring deep peace, and harmony. Chrysocolla has a soothing frequency which can help one to overcome anxiousness, restlessness, or dissociation. This gemstone can align and balance all the chakras, clearing out blockages and negativity from the energy body. 

Handmade with 4mm Chrysocolla crystals, sterling silver, and stainless steel beading wire. 

Beaded necklace: 15" Chain necklace: 17"