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Moonstone Sweetheart Earring

  • €16,95

This Moonstone earring design features two 14/20 gold heart studs, connected by a dainty gold chain with a rainbow Moonstone teardrop shaped crystal. Handmade with 14/20 gold. This earring goes in two piercings, creating a unique look that allows light to pass through the Moonstone. 

Moonstone is a crystal of love, feminine energy, intuition, hope, and spirituality. This crystal calms the wearer and opens their heart to divine love. Moonstone resonates with the Crown Chakra, helping to raise the vibration and access the intuiton of the wearer. This crystal connects with the Divine Feminine, opening up the user to their psychic gifts, encouraging harmony, and compassion. Rainbow Moonstone is also protective, deflecting negative energy away from the wearer. Moonstone is known to be intimately connected with nature, allowing the user to access the healing vibrations of Mother Earth.