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Magma Chalcedony Empress Necklace

  • €60,95

Magma Chalcedony is a rare newly discovered crystal, only a few places are known where it can be found. The sought after bright pinks and oranges make this stone like a sunset, resonating with a warm and powerful energy. This crystal inspires passion, love, creativity, vitality, and inspiration. Magma Chalcedony can help one find the courage and vision to go after what they want, and boost self love. Magma Chalcedony has a hot pink hue, resonating with the heart and lower chakras. Paired with clear quartz, a powerful healing and protection crystal. Clear quartz is known as the master healer, helping to release blockages and aid with connection to Spirit.

Handmade with ethically sourced 2" Magma Chalcedony from Indonesia, clear quartz, 14/20 gold filled wire, and 24 ct gold 21" chain.