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Labradorite Tumble

  • €4,95

Labradorite is known as the stone of magic, helping you to tune in with your higher self and psychic gifts. Labradorite can help to relieve stress, bring perspective, and help you to balance your energy. This crystal can help you see from a new point of view and open your mind to new ideas. Labradorite can aid you in spiritual enlightenment and with strengthening your intuition. This crystal can also be detoxifying and aid those suffering with depression or negative emotions. These high quality purple labradorite tumbles feature all colors of flashes, including the sought after yellow and violet tones.

About 3 oz per piece

The Legend Of Labradorite

Legend has it that labradorite was first discovered by an Inuit warrior in a cave in Labrador, Canada. He believed the light of the Aurora Borealis was trapped within the stone, and tried to release it with his spear. He was unable to remove it all, leaving some of the light trapped in the stone forever. Natives used this stone for medicinal purposes, like increasing energy, relieving stress, and anxiety.