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Citrine and Lapis Lazuli Evil Eye Bracelet

  • €23,95

Citrine is a stone of good luck, prosperity, and joyful energy. Citrine transmutes negative energy to positive, protecting your aura and space. This crystal helps to spark passion for life and creativity, aiding you in reaching your goals and expressing yourself. Lapis Lazuli represents honor, power, truth, wisdom, intuition, and expression. This stone helps with communication to both higher beings and in this reality. Lapis can support sleep and help one remember their dreams. It helps bring harmony, joy, passion, and enlightenment. Wearing this crystal encourages spiritual wisdom, positive moods, compassion, and friendship. The hamsa hand is a symbol of protection.

Handmade stretch bracelet with ethically sourced citrine and lapis lazuli 4mm beads, and a .5" gold plated brass Hamsa evil eye charm