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Brazilian Clear Quartz Point

  • €28,95

Clear Quartz is a high vibrational crystal, known for its potent healing frequencies. It is known as "the master healer" and can help to clear blockages, promote positive energy, and protect from negative energy. Clear quartz is commonly used by crystal healers to clear blockages and promote balance in the energy body. Clear Quartz can be used as a meditation aid for connecting to divine energy, or for spiritual communication. This crystal helps to open the minds eye and spark enlightenment, helping you on your journey of healing and growth in this lifetime.

Hematite resonates with the root chakra and promotes strength, balance, and stability.

Green Chlorite helps to bring inner and outer harmony. It is deeply connected to the healing power of the Earth and promotes strength on your journey of finding inner peace and harmony.

Ethically sourced Brazilian clear quartz, 3 options available.

Small Clear: 7.8 oz 3" long

Large with Hematite Inclusion: 11.4 oz 4" long

Large with Green Chlorite Inclusion: 11.8 oz 5" long