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Pearl Heart Locket Necklace Set

  • $65.00

This one of a kind necklace set includes freshwater pearls, a crystal of purity and cleansing, and a heart locket that can be customized with any photo or object that fits. Pearl has been sought after for centuries, and is known for its metaphysical properties of truth and purity. Pearl helps to bring out the truth in others and yourself, and is a perfect aid for those on their journey of self discovery. Pearl resonates with the heart and crown chakras, bringing the user to a place of self love and acceptance. Pearl can be used to bring confidence in ones self, attract romance, and protect from negative energy other might bring. 

This set of 2 necklaces is handmade with freshwater pearls, 14/20 gold, and stainless steel

Beaded necklace: 15 in Chain necklace: 17 in