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Meteoritic Amethyst Necklace

  • €46,95

Meteoritic Amethyst is formed from a meteor that hit thousands of years ago in Canada, and amethyst caverns formed in the crater causing Amethyst to be formed with space rock inclusions. These crystals hold information from space and can provide spiritual guidance. Amethyst resonates with the third eye to open the mind and bring one closer to their highest self. Meteoric Amethyst can help one to open their mind, feel serenity, and access deeper meditation. It can provide a soothing and serene energy to the user. This crystal is unique in its power to open the third eye and psychic abilities, and its power to connect the user to Spirit and the crown chakra.

This necklace is handmade with 1.75" ethically sourced Meteoritic Amethyst from Canada, cabochon made by Nick Hunter, sterling silver, and 18" sterling silver chain.