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Crystals Throughout Our History

Crystals Throughout Our History

Although there has been a New Age wave of interest in crystals, the healing and enlightening power they wield is nothing new to humankind. It is debated, but in my research the first recorded use of crystals was by the Ancient Sumerians, an extremely advanced society for their time around 2000 to 4000 B.C. They would use the crystals in spells, for healing, and as protection amulets.  Throughout Ancient Egypt and even Biblical times, people have been called to use crystals in every day life to enhance well being.

The Ancient Egyptians often used lapis lazuli, carnelian, quartz, turquoise, and emerald in their jewelry. They often included the same crystals in their extravagant burial chambers. The Ancient Egyptians steadily believed in crystals’ ability to provide protection and good health. Similarly in Ancient Greece, amethyst would be worn to prevent hangovers and drunkenness. Sailors would wear crystal amulets to keep themselves safe on their travels, and soldiers would coat their bodies in Hematite, believing it provided them extra  strength and protection. In China, green jade is a very sacred mineral used in burials, sculptures, for good luck, to ward off evil, and is even recognized as being able to heal the kidneys. While the use of crystals may seem impractical to some, it is evident that our ancestors were extremely faithful to and educated on the energetic power crystals hold; My bet is that they were right. 

As I mentioned before, even the Bible mentions the use of crystals throughout, as well as other worldly religions. In the book of Exodus, the “High Priest’s Breastplate” is said to be composed of 12 precious minerals including amethyst, lapis lazuli, carnelian, agate, turquoise, emerald, and more. This story of the 12 precious stones is where we get the idea of birth stones from. In the Islamic text the Koran, it says that the 4th heaven is made out of Garnet. In Hinduism, diamonds are associated with strength and thunder, while Ruby is considered to preserve the physical and mental health of the wearer. These examples throughout religious and historical texts of crystals being used for their metaphysical properties confirms, if nothing else, that regardless of religion or region, people have recognized and put to use the healing power of crystals.

So what is the significance of using crystals or wearing them? I believe everyone should form their own perspective and do their own research. In my personal journey, I have found through experience and research on energy, vibrations, and consciousness that crystals do in fact have an impact on your energy when you choose to work with them. I have found significant differences in my energy and in my life between when I am and am not using the power of crystal energy. I think the fact that humankind always has, and continues to use crystals speaks to the fact that they do have an energetic influence on us. How you utilize the gift of crystals in your life is up to you.