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Trinity Knot Iolite Necklace Set

  • $71.00

Iolite is known as "the viking's compass" and is said to carry the energy of dreams, journeys, intuition, exploration, and illumination. This crystal can help you dive into your true self and discover self love, your highest self, and your personal power. This crystal aids with helping you feel whole, exploring your power, and digging into your passions. Iolite helps you find your souls path and see new beginnings. This crystal has a property called Pleochroism, where it seems to change color in different light. This can include blue, purple, grey, and even yellow. Paired with a Celtic trinity knot, this symbolizes protection, balance, and divine energy.

Handmade with 4mm Iolite crystals, sterling silver, and stainless steel beading wire. 

Beaded necklace: 16 in Chain necklace: 17 in