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Midnight Shroom Amethyst Necklace Set

  • $86.00

This one of a kind necklace set is handmade with high quality amethyst, a crystal connected with the third eye and bringing calmness, and a moon mushroom charm, representing the life and magic of twilight time of day. Amethyst opens the third eye to help the user further their spiritual awareness, increase intuition, and harness psychic gifts. Amethyst aids with anxiety, soothing the mind and allowing divine energy and wisdom into the mind. Amethyst is a popular crystal for its calming frequencies and ability to help with becoming your highest self. This purple gemstone resonates with the third eye frequency, opening your mind and awareness to new possibilities while protecting against negative energy. 

Made with high quality amethyst, sterling silver, and stainless steel beading wire.

Beaded necklace: 16 in Chain necklace: 20 in